The Larder


It all began in 1974 with homemade fudge created in the family kitchen in Leek in Stafford, and sold at local farmers’ markets. In the early 1980s the range was extended to jams, curds, marmalades and pickles sold in jars with hand drawn labels and logo.  Eventually these were taken to the International Food Exhibition in Olympia London in 1987.  The response was huge, nationwide enquiries were received and so Cottage Delight became a commercial producer but using traditional small batch methods.  They now have over 700 speciality foods and continue to expand their range.

At SoW we stock Cottage Delight Jams, Curds, Marmalades, Pickles, Chutneys and Condiments.  We also have Cottage Delight biscuits and cakes.


In 1994, a mutual friend suggested that food enthusiasts Emma Macdonald and Lucie Lewis simply had to meet.  Accepting an invitation to lunch, ex London food buyer Lucie was so impressed with the family cucumber relish, she suggested they should go into business together.  Emma’s mother’s kitchen was duly pressed into service as the first production facility and a company was born. The range now includes relishes, chutneys, cooking sauces, dressings and marinades, marmalade, sweet preserves biscuits and oils, to name but a few and at SoW we stock a wide selection of these.


High on the hills above Holmfirth, Longley Farm is an independent dairy founded by brothers Joseph and Edgar Dickinson in 1948. They produce a range of high quality diary products that are enjoyed around the world.

At SoW we sell a vast variety of the Longley Farm range, including Butter, Yoghurts, Cottage Cheeses, Creams, Crème Fraiche, Fromage Frais and Soft Cheeses.


Hider Food is a family-owned company founded in 1965, which supplies speciality nuts, dried fruit and confectionery.

At SoW we have a wide range of Hider nuts, seeds and dried fruits plus coated nuts and fruits on sale.  In addition we stock biscuits and confectionery including biscotti, wafer biscuits, peanut brittle, and sesame snaps


The delicious cakes we sell at SoW are made by a local lady. She delivers to us weekly and we sell out of them almost every week.

Popular favourites are Flapjacks; Lemon Drizzle Cake; Chocolate Brownie; Gingerbread; Rock Buns; Carrot Cake; Tiffin; Coconut and Jam individual cakes plus Spicy Treacle Cake and Coffee & Walnut Cake


Border Biscuits was founded in 1984 by John Cunningham in Lanarkshire in Scotland. It began with a very simple business strategy, that if the biscuits were good enough, then word of mouth would spread the word.  And it worked.  Today Border Biscuits are sold in just about every UK supermarket chain and leading wholesaler, and are exported right around the world.

It’s a family owned business and it’s a family of biscuit makers.  The family includes all the employees that now work there. They still use old fashioned mixing methods and slow baking techniques to produce their biscuits, and Border Biscuits are often described as tasting ‘homemade’ and ‘traditional’.

At SoW we stock many of the 31 varieties of Border Biscuits.


Colwick Cheese is a fresh cheese invented around the 17th Century in the village of Colwick, south of Nottingham on the River Trent.  Belvoir Ridge Creamery, a family-run business located just north of Melton Mowbray, has recently revived production of this cheese. They use traditional methods and milk from the rare Red Poll Cattle.


La Molisana pasta takes its name from the Arcadia of Molise (the land of the mills) where the wheat that makes this pasta is grown.  For centuries, the fertile lands and mild climate of Molise have produced the best granaries in Italy.  At La Molisana the cultivation of wheat, combined with the expertise of the Mill and Pasta Factory, give life to pasta that is rich in protein and of an unmistakable yellow colour from the fields of wheat.


The Mutti production plant was established in 1899 in Parma and Mutti tomatoes are grown by local farmers all within an area of approximately 130 km of their production plant.  This ensures that every tomato arrives fresh directly from the field to the production line without losing taste and texture.

Only Italian tomatoes are used in Mutti products. They contain powerful antioxidants, and the cooking process makes these stronger.   They are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C and of mineral salts like potassium.

Miscellaneous Store Cupboard Items

In addition to the items listed above we have a selection of condiments, sauces and ingredients like olives, roasted peppers, jalapenos etc. for your store cupboard to inspire your kitchen creations.



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